July 31, 2008

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"Zip Fiji set up near town - an exciting flying fox ride through Fiji`s luscious tropical forests. Unlike tropical jungles in places like South East Asia and South America, there are very few insects and creepy crawlies on this island to bother you. TheZip is a popular activity in the world`s cruise capital - The Carribean - where apparently there are some 70 such courses. Zip Fiji is the first in the South Pacific.

And it worked. Visitor ratings have apparently soared."

Tony’s Blog

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Zip Fiji

Feel the rush as you soar high through Fiji’s lush tropical rainforest on the most thrilling and only canopy zip lines in the South Pacific. A wild and fun adventure you will never forget.

Just twenty minutes from Pacific Harbour, the Adventure Capital of Fiji, in the heart of the tropical forest of the Wainadoi mountains, lies ZIP FIJI's own private eco-reserve, a biological paradise where you will discover a stunning profusion of Fiji's tropical flora and fauna. Their Jungle Canopy Adventure gives you the opportunity to experience this amazing wilderness from a unique perspective.

Only in your wildest fantasies have you swung from treetop to treetop through dense tropical vegetation! Fast, fun and exhilarating, ZIP FIJI finally brings these dreams to life!

On this spectacular eco-adventure tour you will experience what can only be described as a pulse-stopping view of one of the most beautiful and complex biological communities on Earth. Feel the rush of adrenalin pump through your veins as you whoosh from platform to platform, 90 ft (30 metres) above the forest floor. A series of thrilling zip lines gives you the maximum opportunity to marvel at the stunning, tropical setting as you effortlessly travers through the huge tropical trees, amongst wild orchids and a diversity of native birds.

Zipping in FijiSafety is very important to Zip Fiji. Guests are under the constant care and supervision of highly qualified personal who have received over 200 hours of formal training in Canopy Tour operations and safety techniques, and only top-quality equipment are used and is regularly and rigorously inspected and maintained. Their knowledgeable guides will assist you every step of the way - from the time you leave the ground, until you come back down to the forest floor.

The cables are able to hold up to 12,000 lbs and are top quality and fitted by professionals from Costa Rica, where the sport was invented.

The guides all speak English, are well trained and have specialised knowledge regarding the surrounding vegetation, wildlife and history.

Join us on this uniquely exciting way of exploring the capony of Fiji’s tropical rainforests.

There has never been a more exciting way to explore the depths of the tropical rainforest. For thrill-seekers and nature lovers alike, this amazing adventure travel experience is the most popular ecological jungle tours in Fiji.

For more information and booking please visit Zip Fiji.

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